23 June 2013

Ciro Immobile, Genoa and Italy

14 June 2013

12 June 2013

Israel u21 1 - 0 England u21


Veton Berisha

Veton Berisha, 19, plays for Viking in Norway.

10 June 2013

Germany u21 0 - 1 Spain u21

Germany's under-21s watch the Holland v Russia match

What's the difference between Karl Marx and the German under-21 team?

Karl Marx had a point.

9 June 2013

England u21 1 - 3 Norway u21

Arsenal to make bid for Lars Bender

According to the Mail on Sunday, a bid for Bayer Leverkusen's £17m-rated Bender is being lined up, in case Arsenal are unable to complete a deal on Ilkay Gundogan. Let's hope that falls through.

7 June 2013

U21s: Netherlands 3 - 2 Germany


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